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San Diego, California
October 18th & 19th

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American Indian Economic Development Internship Scholarship Fund Established
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2006 AICAE Tournament Awarded

The AICAE will also sponsor a scrabble tournament. For further practice check out: Scrabble Word Finder.

Important Notice for Potential Federal Contractors (Small, Minority, American Indian, Woman, Veteran, or Disabled Owned Businesses)

Native American Programs and Resources
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In Remembrance of
David G. Presnell

AICAE Poster Reminder

This is a reminder to send in images and information on your work/projects for the AICAE poster
(jpg images are probably easiest to deal with).

You can send them by e-mail to either Mike Holleyman ( or myself
Lynn Paxson ( If it's easier for you to burn them on a cd you can send them to:

Lynn Paxson
156 College of Design, Dept. of Architecture
Iowa State University
Ames, IA    50011-3093

Along with the image send project information such as: project name, location, Nation (tribal group), clients, name of photography if appropriate.

Also for the power point presentation or slide show for using at exhibit booths etc.  that David Garce mentioned it would be nice to have some process type shots - especially working with clients, ground blessings etc.

American Indian Veterans Memorial (AIVM), Phoenix, Arizona

The AIVM was created to establish a memorial to honor the American Indian Veterans of all wars and to provide a place for veterans, their families, and the survivors to gather and pay tribute to living and deceased victims. AICAE is supporting the AIVM by promoting fund raising efforts and providing design development support. AICAE  held a design charette in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 3rd, 2001 with the AIVM Board for refinement of the design. For further information and to send contributions to AIVM, view the AIVM brochure.

"These are the wings which will carry our warriors home" - Dennis Numkena

Indian School Station, Phoenix Light Rail

AICAE held a design charette for the concepts to be used in the Indian School Station Design for the Phoenix Light Rail Project. The station is on the mainline of the proposed light rail projects and this station will connect to the Indian School Park and American Indian Veterans Memorial site. For more information contact Valley Connections, 411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85004, (602)744-5572, 

Celilo Village Longhouse Needs Assessment

AICAE brought together its membership of architects, engineers, construction managers, and landscape architects in the Fall of 2000 to perform a needs assessment for the Celilo Village Longhouse which is located near the Dalles, Oregon at the historic location of the Celilo Falls on the Columbia River. The Longhouse is a well used gathering place for Indian Tribes and Families for Pow-Wows and festivities. The Longhouse is in need of many serious repairs to the roof, footings, kitchen, lighting, and plumbing system. AICAE provided a needs assessment to the Celilo Village families in order for them to identify needs and seek funding for the improvements.

National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), Smithsonian Institution

AICAE is an avid supporter of the NMAI and many members are involved in the actual design of NMAI. NMAI is currently under construction at the Washington DC Mall next to the Air & Space Museum. Fund raising is still an on-going effort and support can be provided by purchasing a Buffalo Coin from the U.S. Mint or giving to the Honor Wall. The NMAI Honor Wall provides a donor an opportunity to have their name appear on an interior wall of the Mall Museum building (up to 30 characters for a mere $150). For more info about the Honor Wall, please go to and click on "Membership & Giving". For more information on the Buffalo Coin, please contact the US Mint at the US Mint (or call 1-800-USA-MINT).

Rodney P. Kinney Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund is established...

in honor and memory of our long time friend and elder who passed away in September 2000. This is a continual fund which is to aid Alaska Native College Students.  The AICAE Board of Directors donated $750 to the fund and may continue to donate annually as part of our regular scholarship program. Contributions can be sent to:

Rodney P. Kinney Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
of Alaska, Anchorage
Office of Development,
ADM 236, 3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
Ref: Fund #80859

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The AICAE Logo

The circular emblem represents the cycle of life and continuity. The colors (black, red, yellow, white) are those of the four directions. The spokes of the wheel represent the four directions the Council members come from. The dots in the spoke rim represent the members from that direction. The fire represents the Council fire when we meet and which can be lit in any part of the circle.