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Revised: 01/23/06
Clay Griffin

From: "Belvin Pete" <>
> Subject: Looking for Injuneers
> Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 15:09:31 -0700
> Hello,
> Do you know of any Indian Engineers or Indian professionals looking for
> new opportunities? I've gone through my contacts and have not had much
> success.
> We are about to get some new contracts and need Indian people who want
> to
> work on Tribal energy project development - wind, solar, coal, NG,
> biomass,environmental...etc
> So if you know of anyone please let me know or have them contact me.
> Thanks.
> Belvin Pete
> Project Manager, Native American Programs and Resources
> Distributed Generation Systems, Inc (Disgen)
> 200 Union Blvd, Suite 304
> Lakewood, CO 80228
> (303) 531-5523 ext 108
> (303) 531-5527 fax
> Native American Program and Resources
> Distributed Generation Systems, Inc. (Disgen) is pleased to announce the
> creation of a new division called Native American Programs and Resources
> Division (NAPRD).  The principal objective of this endeavor is to
> "Maximize
> the economic value of the natural resources owned or controlled by
> Tribes
> for the benefit of the Tribes and their members."  This unique
> organization
> is staffed exclusively by experienced tribal members and will focus
> exclusively on providing energy services and solutions to the tribal
> community. 
> Native American Program and Resource
> Disgen is currently partnering with 2 tribes in developing commercial
> wind
> project of approximately 30 megawatts each.
> Disgen provided development and financial advice in support of a single
> 750
> kW wind turbine installed adjacent to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe
> casino/hotel
> complex in 2003.
> In 2000, at the request of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
> (NREL),
> Disgen completed a review of all tribal lands in the Dakotas, twelve
> reservations. Over two-thousand megawatts (2000 mw) of developable wind
> sites were identified.
> Disgen drafted a tribal strategy for the development of these resources,
> with a focus on creating maximum benefit for the tribes. The specific
> objective is to establish training programs for tribal members in all
> aspects of wind energy development with the goal of tribal self
> determination and sufficiency.
> Disgen has been working with the agencies of the United States
> Government
> to define methods of financing for wind projects on tribal lands that
> limit
> the risk to tribes, yet provide low cost, long term capital. These
> efforts
> have been successful and Disgen is prepared to share these results with
> individual tribes. The financing structure provides for tribal ownership
> of
> wind projects such that the economic benefits accrue to the tribes, not
> non-Indian owners, and preserves the sanctity of tribal sovereignty.